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Technical Support

1st、Technical Support

Three-ring electronic lock fault judgment and processing method

First, the total card building card floor card can open the door, only the guest card can not open the door


1, check the guest card is not expired, extend the door opening time

2, the room number is not set correctly, re-install a lock card corresponding to the room number to reinstall the door lock

Second, all the cards that open the door can't open, they don't even respond.


1, first check whether the battery is loose contact or under pressure, such as under pressure, replace the battery in time

2, the door lock error prompt sound

  2 sounds: battery undervoltage

  3 sounds: the door is locked

  6 sounds: the room number of the guest card is incorrect or the group number of the group control card is incorrect;

  7 sounds: the card has expired;

  8 sounds: cards that are covered by the back card or are lost by the whole, or the date of the card is valid but the time period is invalid.

  9 sounds: blacklist [the sound of the card when it is singled out and the door is opened]

  10 sounds: The authorization code of the authorization card is invalid; [Please re-issue the card and use the mechanical key to perform an effective mechanical opening of the door to solve this problem]

  11 sounds: the building number of the building control card is incorrect or the floor number of the control card is incorrect.

  15 sounds: not the card of this hotel

Third, the card sound is normal, the light can not open the door


1. Check if the connection between the square shaft of the handle and the lock cylinder is normal. Disassemble the screws on the rear panel to adjust.

2. Check if the connection between the motor cable and the circuit board is normal, and see if the connection at the end of the wire is loose.

3, the motor is stuck and can not operate normally, open the door lock Open the lock core cover to adjust the motor (requires company professional training before operation)